Hydrant hookup

You will also receive a copy of the presentation, which must be used as training by anyone operating hydrants on behalf of your company. We also offer safe hydrant use training at our Montrose Waterworks facility. To coordinate training for your hydrant users, please contact Equipment rentals are included in your monthly fee, and actual usage is billed monthly based on your metered water consumption.

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You are charged a monthly city annual hydrant permit minimum daily average if you do not report your usage by the 15th of each calendar month. If your needs are seasonal, you won't pay for the off-season if you return your equipment and end your permit agreement.

You are required to call our EPCOR Water Dispatch to obtain approval to use a hydrant each time a hydrant is used the same hydrant in a single day only has to be reported once for that day. Skip to main content. Your browser appears to be out of date.

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Please update your browser to fully experience our website. Time of Use vs. The latter is most common when the hydrant is close to the fire. The main reason, at least hydraulically, the engine pumps from the hydrant is to create enough pressure to move the water to the discharge delivery point when the hose layout from the hydrant to the discharge point is so pressure restrictive that it is not able to produce the required streams.

Depending on the capacity of the hydrant system being used, pumpers on the hydrant were quite common even in low flow house fire scenarios. When the water requirements were high, it was also common to see multiple supply lines being pumped from the hydrant.

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  6. With the coming of LDH, fire departments realized its low friction loss capabilities and hydrant pump operations faded away to the point where most hose evolutions did not include it. Basically we got spoiled. In fact on large flow fires it is very common to just lay LDH supply lines from not only the close hydrants initially used from the first alarm, but even the farther ones brought in from hundreds of feet away.


    It would have performed better being pumped from the hydrant. Well guess what, even LDH, as good as it is, has friction loss that has to be overcome from a positive pressure source. Hydrant systems, even the hot ones, are limited in their pressure capabilities. An important point to remember is that a hydrant pressure starts at static which is the water in the system not flowing. The static pressure is often thought of as the pressure that moves the water and this is incorrect.

    Pumping From The Hydrant

    Once the water starts flowing the pressure turns to residual and starts dropping. The more you flow, the lower the pressure gets.

    Clue: Fire hydrant hookup

    Working a gig at the moment in NYC and came across this conversation. We want to hook a power washer up to a fire hydrant to clean the side walks.

    Fire hydrant hookup - Crossword Clue Answer | Crossword Heaven

    I would not advise hooking straight to a hydrant. Pressure washers have a maximum inlet psi that you should not exceed. Maybe Russ can jump in here with better words of wisdom. And again having a buffer tank would easily solve this problem.

    Hydrant Permit Program

    Depending on the size pressure washer it could only have to be gal tank. Hey Keith-- you ever see my trucks out there in the big apple; I also have the hydrant permits. Tapping into Fire hydrant Residential. Most Industrial Plumbing Supply Companies have what you need or know who to send you to.