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With a focus on class, luxury, and lifestyle, the site clearly differentiates itself from all other dating sites in the market with an upscale and elegant look and experience.

Cute Mountain Lion Kittens - National Geographic

The company was founded in spring by Gordon Knowles. After extensive research into the online dating industry, Knowles, a well-known and respected executive and businessman in South Florida, found that there was a clear gap in the dating site industry for older men seeking younger women and vice-versa. The event will be a chance for new users to check out the site and sign up for the service. The premier membership will offer exquisite and exclusive experiences and services that will include private events, travel packages, and exclusive offers.

How ridiculously cute is this kitten dressed up as a lion?!

Main features of lionsandkittens. Merchandise line, Concierge services, Matchmaking services and more.

Newborn Mountain Lions Hiss And Purr For The Camera During Discovery

Even with the GPS information, however, determining the location of the den is challenging because the mothers choose locations that are difficult to find. National Park Service biologists took tissue samples, conducted a general health check, and marked the kittens with ear tags.

The blue-eyed, spotted kittens weighed between four and five pounds and were around four and half weeks of age. This is the fifteenth litter of kittens marked by National Park Service biologists at a den site. Three additional litters of kittens were discovered and marked when the kittens were already at least six months old.

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The National Park Service has been studying mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains since to determine how they survive in an increasingly fragmented and urbanized environment. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for overseeing the management and conservation of mountain lions in the state.

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A unit of the National Park Service, it comprises a seamless network of local, state, and federal parks interwoven with private lands and communities. As one of only five Mediterranean ecosystems in the world, SMMNRA preserves the rich biological diversity of more than animal species and 26 distinct plant communities.

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